It sounds scary. Isn’t it ? Well… the purpose of the header of this article was not to scare you but to make you aware of the impact of  what is usually termed as a “silly mistake ” by most  visa applicants .

Just imagine this . You are about to  transfer money through your bank’s online portal and the amount of money involved in quite considerable . You have just hit the final “OK” on the transfer and realised that the recipient’s name has changed to someone you hardly know. Thanks to the silly error , you are now probably worse off by a lot of money.

If you think that was the worst thing to have ever happened to someone , let’s consider another hypothetical scenario. You clearly are eligible for a visa and have lodged an application but have clicked on the wrong visa option when submitting an application. Your visa application gets refused after a painful wait for six to eight months . I am sure you would agree that even your worst enemy shouldn’t have to go through the trauma of  getting such a refusal.

To give you a feel of the impact of these small yet catastrophic mistakes,  we have shared some real life examples ( names changed ) where the applicants had no option but to leave the country for good . One wrong click made all the difference here.

First Example :

Sanmeet ( we will call him Sam) has just graduated and is in the process of applying for a Post Study Work Stream Visa . Sam has done all the research and has even created an immi account . All this sounds hunky dory for  Sam who is at the very first page of the online application and guess what ?  Sam clicked on the Graduate Stream rather than the Post Study work stream.

Sam wasn’t even aware of what could arguably be the biggest mistake of his life  till the case officer sent a nasty email hinting at refusing his visa . The chances of Sam getting out of this situation were next to nil .  The ramifications of Sam’s actions were disastorous with no recourse available.

The  image ( below)  is of what Sam clicked in his application .The correct option to click was the one after that  ( Post Study Work Stream )


Second Example :

Baljeet ( It has to be Betty because Sanmeet is Sam ) rushes through the questions on the immi form and hits ” NO’ at all of them.  Betty has spent a considerable amount of time in the UK on a student visa and was deported from UK due to not maintaining her legal status after her student visa expired. Betty doesn’t even read all the questions ( and let’s be honest …not most of us do ) and clicks ” No” for all of them including the question ” Has any  applicant ever been removed, deported or excluded from any country ( including Australia )?

The case officer after a good six to eight months sends an email to Betty requesting her to comment on the  inconsistent and misleading information in her visa application . The request letter also mentions that  a PIC 4020 ( 3 years of ban for providing misleading information ) may be applicable .

Despite some very compelling  arguments provided by Betty , her visa gets refused and she also gets slapped with a three years ban on lodging any application . I would like to highlight here that another unsaid rule of the Department is that a PIC 4020 is a ban for a lifetime and not three years as mentioned in the regulations . This rule should be considered as another addition to the unsaid rules mentioned in our previous blog .


Most of the applicants don’t even bother giving a thought to these questions ( below ) and repeatedly click ” No” without even reading them.


A very important point to note here is  that the Department makes no distinction between an honest mistake or  a deliberate attempt by the applicant to hide critical information . The end result would be same regardless of the intent .

Summarising the article, our advice to the prospective applicants is to be very careful whilst feeding information in your visa application . If you are using the services of a migration agent, then be very upfront about issues relating to your character or any other information which could have an adverse impact on your application . Disclose everything regardless of how embarrassing it is . Always remember that a Migration agent can only help you out if he or she is aware of all the issues in advance and their hands are tied if there are any surprises in the future.

The best practice is to always check the draft of your application before it gets submitted on your behalf .

It is also very important to  make sure that the information provided in Form 80 and 1221 is consistent with the information provided in your visa application forms . This could again be a killer if there is a material mismatch between the two.

Your years of hard work could be a waste in a matter of seconds . It’s your future, don’t let a wrong click  ruin it . Stay alert and good luck.


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