are right in assuming that I am referring to the recent refusals by the Department in pretty much every occupation that has got the word ” Manager” attached to it  . The golden question though is why is this happening ?
The answer is simple..the Department is fed up with approving nominations where the so called ” Managers ” have no one to manage . Sounds funny ? Not really.

Consider this example…..Sukhmeet ( Sukhi ) has been working as a kitchen hand at ” Chak De Phatte ” Indian Restaurant in suburban Melbourne. Sukhi has just finished a Diploma of Hospitality and is pursuing a Diploma of management course just to seek a 457 sponsorship as a Customer service manager . The business has already applied for a Nomination of  a Cook and a Chef . The annual turnover of the business is $ 120000 and the org chart shows that there are four people including the employer ( Charanjeet  aka Channi ), the cook , the chef and of course Sukhi .

The application gets lodged ( hopefully not by a migration agent ). What do you think are the chances of Nomination being approved ?

The questions to be asked are :

Who is Sukhi going to manage ?

Would Channi be paying the salaries out of his pocket ? ( Deficit would be $ 53,900 x 3 plus operating expenses minus $ 120,000).

Is ” Chak De Phatte ” going to survive for more than a year ?

Lodging a nomination similar to the one above is suicidal. You are looking for a definite refusal here .

Let’s consider another example …..Jaswinder ( Jazzy without a B) has pursued his MBA from Melbourne university . Jazzy has 5 years experience working as a customer service manager at TESCO in the UK and secures a job as a customer service manager at Coles Australia . He wants to apply for a 457 visa and Coles is happy to nominate . I would love to take this case because I know the chances of success here.

I agree that these two examples are very extreme and there are businesses which are not as big as Coles but do need the services of  managers . The advise to these businesses is to tread carefully and present your case in the best way possible .

There is no rule of thumb here but here are some pointers to judge if the nomination of a manager has got any chances of approval :

Would the nominating business be able to justify the proposed position of a manager ?

Is the business financially capable of hiring the services of a manager?

How well does the proposed occupations fits within the organisational chart ?

The skills, qualifications and experience of the Nominee.

How well does the duties and responsibilities in ANZSCO rhyme with the duties of the Nominated occupation ?

Before you seek an appointment with a migration agent , please ask yourself if you are qualified and experienced enough for the role . Be very careful with the managerial positions as the Department has no apetite for  employers trying to fit managers in their nuclear business families.

Always remember ” If it doesn’t smell well, it definitely won’t sell “. 

 That’s it from us this week . Speak to you soon .









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